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Film production major – New attraction for UG students

Posted on July 21, 2022
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Film production major - New attraction for UG students

Youngsters are looking at many emerging fields away from conventional majors to pursue. India is indeed a film-crazy land where the film industry is a significant, profitable, and attractive industry. The zoomers are not hesitating to experiment.

When the traditional concept of cinema is transforming, youth are exploring the options of animation, visual effects, gaming, and comics (AVGC) in film-making.

Advantages of studying in the USA with Film production as a major:

Who doesn’t want to be a part of Hollywood?

When students observe the veterans producing, directing, and achieving success, they want to explore new options and create history.

What do students learn in Film Schools in the US?

Students will gain skills and expertise in production techniques, standard editing systems, and how to run the film sets smoothly. Gaining new ground are areas like post-production techniques like deciding sequence flow, the visual style of a movie, various sound stages, Dolby-approved dubbing, and getting knowledge about digital stream platforms.

Thus the entertainment industry is surging professionally, and new creative talent is welcome everywhere in the world.

What’s the main attraction for the students in the US Film schools?

What a student can never dream of will be materialized in world-renowned institutions. Students will avail opportunities to interact with eminent personalities who visit the schools as Guest speakers. Great Directors like Steven Speilberg, Actors like Elizabeth Olsen and Rose McGowan stand in front of you. Seasoned Cinematographers, Screenwriters, Animators, and Broadcast Journalists keep visiting the centers, and students will have the opportunity to attend their workshops. Students can get hands-on experience, and hence they can get ignited.

What does BLS say?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree in film production qualifies students for innumerable entry-level job opportunities. Thus to meet the professional and academic goals, students must build their portfolios to send the applications in advance and be ready to face a tough interview with the experts.

Who is eligible for the Film Production course?

For undergrad in Film Production, those who complete 12th class with English proficiency are eligible. There is no minimum GPA, but a zeal to explore the art and craft of visual storytelling is required. In addition to the portfolio, experts from the faculty will judge the eligibility through 

an interview. BFA programs are not based on academic grades but on creative talent.

So, students in Secondary Schools plan and prepare to enter such reputed US Film Institutions to fulfill your Dreams.

As Maverick says,` Don`t Think, Just do it!`

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