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Preceptorship for Dentists – a new step before entering Residency

Posted on July 15, 2022
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Preceptorship for Dentists a new step before entering Residency

“Some tortures are physical and some are mental, But the one that is both is dental“ Ogden Nash

This funny quotation from school books makes us smile. But it’s no longer a funny topic. Dentists play an important role in our lives. 

Is it not surprising that oral health is related to Endocarditis, Cardiovascular diseases, Pregnancy and birth complications, and Pneumonia? Oral health is also affected by Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.Even cancer sometimes is caused by unhygienic oral conditions. 

Oral health became a vital factor to maintain overall good health. Many students are now pursuing BDS courses in Indian Dental colleges. Thus, Dentistry became a popular course for Biological and Physical sciences students.

Health-conscious and beauty-conscious new generations aim at specializing in Dentistry. So, the love for dentistry programs increased. 

For a layman, the dentist is needed only when a toothache or decay or tooth fall happens. We never realize that regular check-ups by a dentist will prevent us from facing many dangerous health hazards. 

Those who want to specialize in a particular branch of dentistry, look at U S Universities. Orthodontics, Periodontics, Dentofacial Orthopedics, Esthetic Dentistry, and Periodontist are some favorite subjects for dentists. 

Even after MDS in India, the students find it very competitive to reach the next level in their field. Going for a super specialty is a dream for many students. 

Students from Indian Dental colleges usually aim at writing INB DE( Integrated NB DE) to enter residency. But it’s obviously a tough exam to crack. Intelligent students never waste their time. They go for a Preceptorship program for one year. Through this program dentists get didactic and observer skills to enhance their knowledge. 

This one-year Preceptorship program is an asset to add to one’s Resume. It will be quite helpful in preparing for INB DE in the U.S.On an F1 visa student can pursue a Preceptorship program and while doing this program can prepare for INB DE and clear the exam. This is a smooth way to enter Residency in the U.S. Dental colleges and aim for a license in a state to start practice. 

You can check the details by using the following link to write INB DE: https://www.adea.org/ Application Services: AAD SAS, CAA PID, PASS, DHCAS 

When Dentistry is your favorite subject, plan well and climb the ladder. Dentists are not ordinary surgeons. They are a combination of medicine, engineering, and art. 

There are new routes to reach the destinations indeed!

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