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The five stepping stones

Posted on July 17, 2019
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The five stepping stones presented in the form of a 5-step process is our principal advice. What is it? It is a tool to chisel a labyrinth of information into a navigable path to education in the United States. The U.S. education system has been sought after for decades. Why, one must wonder. Its wonders lie in its flexibility, acceptance and enthusiasm for knowledge exchange, research, real-life applications and above all making a difference with the treasure of intellect harvested through the educational synthesis. 

Would you not be a better swimmer if you prepare yourself for the plunge? The answer is of course, yes! This brings me to step one, research your options. Know yourself, your wants and your goals. This is not daunting unless you imagine it to be.  

If you are a creative person. You understand the benefits of competition but cannot employ it as a driving force. You do not want to restrict myself to a box. In this case perhaps a liberal arts education will help you thrive. A liberal arts institution will perhaps provide you with an education that fits you best. Why? Liberal arts colleges represent an interdisciplinary focus. On the other hand this may not be your suitable fit. Perhaps you are a person that thrives on competition, then you need to look at universities with a matching essence. Understand how universities work, understand what they offer, what are they looking for in their applicants. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Apply at several universities, a range of universities to give your goal the best shot. 

Secondly, focus on the financial resources to support your goal? Think about how you will manage your finances. Support from family, loan, financial aid application, independent or a combination of all options possible. Be realistic and know that application for financial aid is a very competitive arena.  

Thirdly, do not wait until the last minute to apply. If you have made up your mind there is no need to wait to start the process. This gives you enough time to put the different components of the applications together. Think of a puzzle. You do have to start from the top.  Any clue is good enough. After the applications for the universities are submitted, relax and wait for the responses from the universities. If you have been accepted and presented with an I-20, its time to move to the fourth step. 

The visa interview is a simple process. You need to be a qualified and a credible student with strong ties to your home country. You need to have the necessary documents and genuine answers to the questions which may be asked. 

The fifth step should start preparing for what comes next; logistics, air tickets, preparing to be away from home, acclimatizing with the new culture and climatic conditions. 

Approaching the process of applying at a U.S institution is simple and clear when it is approached through these five stepping stones. Remember that qualified and credible students with a genuine intention to study are welcome. To sum the process up explore, plan, apply, gather your resources and go! Best Wishes. 

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