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Search for a right- fit; not for serendipity

Posted on July 30, 2019
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The first step- search for options- is quite challenging. Your plan for higher studies in the U.S. is neither an expedition nor a geographical discovery. It is your academic journey and you should make the choice. It is imperative to note that selecting the location of your preference will take you through the rest of the process. Once the State is chosen, the favourite program can be looked for in different colleges in that particular state concerned. How big the university is and what kind of environment it has will matter a lot in taking the decision.
The prerequisites for making the options are:
• Accreditation
• Program details
• Faculty
• Research in the field of study
• Learning facilities
• Cost of attendance
• Requirements for the program concerned
• Standardized test scores and GPA of the qualifying exam to estimate the level of competition
• Success stories of the alumni
These parameters will give a bird`s eye view of the institution selected. A student is expected to spend some time to do the search by thoroughly going through the websites of the chosen colleges. When a student does his or her own search, outcome will be enduring and fruitful.
The criteria mentioned in the website will not be taken as the benchmark to reach your favourite college. The good-fit for you will be the one that will be a good-match to your personality as a whole.
There are no dream colleges or perfect colleges in the U.S. You discover a college that meets your needs, skills and goals. Remember, a college is more than academics. College time is meant for growth in various facets of your demeanour. It will enhance your communication skills, creativity and new learning insights.
Dream big and your dreams will begin to unfold in the right college!
A good book for a good search:
College Match: A Blueprint for Choosing the Best School for You

Book by Steven R. Antonoff

Goodreads 4.2/5

25th Anniversary Edition! College Match is the leading guide for finding a good fit college. By combining easy-to-use worksheets with loads of practical advice, College Match gives students control of the entire college admission process.

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