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Why we need Meta skills

Posted on September 17, 2022
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The future workforce belongs to zoomers and their success depends on meta skills.

Meta skills can be defined as the skills of adaptability and ability to cultivate the new skills.

They are essential because the world is transforming from the Industrial age to the Robotic age.

According to a World Economic Forum’s report, most of the future jobs that the present students are aspiring for do not exist.

Technology is transforming the world. Automation is seen in every field.

So, the future students cannot depend on only one subject or skill. Subject skills are only hard skills.

The one Master skill may be helpful in activating other skills.

Then they must be ready to integrate different skills and visualize the outcome.

  1. Biology , Pharmacy and Chemistry are inseparable
  2. Computer science, AI and ML are interwoven
  3. Commerce, Economics and Computer Science are interconnected
  4. Bioinformatics, Chemoinformatics and Health informatics require data analytics
  5.  Psychology, Statistics and Mathematics make Behavioral science interesting

But the Meta skills are superior to these interdependent skills. They are beyond the subject skills.

Meta skills make the student gain functional expertise which is essential for their future careers.

Meta skills act as a catalyst to learn new skills faster.They make the individuals flexible professionals.

In fact, meta skills make the professionals think not just out of the box but without any box. Their thinking horizon will be widened.

What are the important Meta skills?

  • Awareness: to realize our strengths and weaknesses and embrace reality.
  • Resilience: to overcome our failures and learn from our mistakes.
  • Adaptability: to make ourselves adaptable and ready to learn new skills and face the challenges.
  • Creativity: to think critically and solve problems.

In what way are Meta skills useful to students?

 Meta skills will improve the Growth Mindset.

  • They prepare the students for lifelong learning
  • Make the GenZ suitable to ever-changing work environment
  • Make everybody identify the pain points of a task given.

In what way are Meta skills different from soft skills? 

  • Soft skills will enable you to get adjusted to the environment of your work place.e.g. Networking, communication skills and customer service.
  • It is useful to improve the ability to work with others. The soft skills are not permanent
  • Meta skills are permanent and are useful to attain success in any domain of life.
  • Meta skills are talents and ability to improve other skills.

How can we cultivate Meta skills? 

  • Learn and re-learn any subject  
  • Try to seek new information on any subject always
  • When it’s difficult to have a stable vision, one must improve and learn new changing trends in any field
  • Through digital resources, one can use trial and error methods and improve one’s skills.   

 `It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop`- Confucius 

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