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A career in 3D printing

Posted on September 28, 2022
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During Covid 19 Pandemic 3D printing attracted everybody’s attention.World was trying to find quick solutions for many problems.

Youngsters suddenly diverted their attention towards 3D printing technology as a career option.

In the medical sector,

3D printed medical devices like PPEs( Personal Protection Equipment), ventilators, swabs, face shields, emergency respirators, specimen collectors, isolation chambers etc. were printed in a short time.

 Thus 3D printing saved lives during health emergencies.

In the manufacturing sector, 

3D filament manufacturers developed a new range of thermoplastics.

A new range of contactless door openers entered the market.

The simplicity, ease, and affordability of manufacturing the sensors made the face masks leak-proof and work correctly.

Thus the production of such useful devices helped to stop the virus spreading rapidly.

In the Architecture industry,

Architecture`s vision of design is completely transformed.

Complex geometries have evolved.

Interior designing became quick and fast.

As recyclable materials are used it serves the sustainable development goals.

In the future, NASA will develop 3D structures on the Moon or Mars.

In the Education Field:

3D printing will transform the classrooms, especially of STEM subjects.

3D sculptures of molecules help the Chemistry teachers.

Teachers can easily prepare educational aids for teaching.

3D printing will increase the problem-solving skills and knowledge of complex subjects.

Thus, Healthcare, Education, Automation, and in fact, the manufacturing field will dramatically be changed by 3D printing.

In the Art and Jewelry industry:

Makers experiment with design.

Customized pieces of jewelry at a lower cost.

Now even the visually impaired persons can feel and visualize the pieces of art and jelery which were earlier inaccessible to them.

So, who is planning to pursue their subjects to enter this innovative career of 3D printing?

Primarily the students pursuing the following subjects are experimenting with 3D printing and making miracles:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Animation & Design
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Software developers
  • Masters in Education
  • Legal studies dealing with patent rights of 3D printing models
  • Fine Arts 

Now the present day student wants to find a way to build patient-specific prosthetics for both human beings as well as birds,and animals by using 3D printing.

Now supply chain management is made easy with additive manufacturing and meeting customer needs.

The U.S. Universities are changing their CAD, sculpting and 3D design courses to meet the present needs and preparing the workforce for the future.

In the field of Art Restoration, the masterpieces of Michael Angelo and da Vinci came to their former glory with the help of 3D printing and CAD

3D printing has now made it possible to produce the most complex and unique musical instruments at a fraction of the price of what it used to be produced traditionally.

It’s surprising to note that the special effects in Hollywood films are made possible because of 3D printing.

The sport industry is now based on 3D printing technology to optimize the performance of products.So, modern students will not be satisfied with the traditional courses and fields. They want challenges and they want creativity.

Every student can play with 3D and create wonders!

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