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Why Essays are important in the UG admission process in the U.S

Posted on June 17, 2022
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Why Essays are important in the admission process

Introduction is crucial

Essays are the gateways to success. They make miracles to enter the campus though you are pessimistic about the low scores or poor economic background.

Your emphatic introduction and genuine life experiences attract the attention of the reader.

A mixture of authenticity, simple language and a bit of humour creates interest in the minds of the reader.

If all the universities accept the video essays the problem for present generation is half- solved. It is because the present generation is tech savvy and video-friendly.

But every student is not expressive before the camera. Some are excellent in expressing silently on paper.

 So, the mode is not important but how you reach the hearts of the readers is very important.

It can be only one incident, one simple project or one challenge that you could overcome be your topic.

It can be in the form of a verse or poetry but the point on which you write should be heart touching.

One simple idea on which you develop the essay will make wonders.

 Once Yale University asked the students to write on anything they like. One of the students who has a good scientific temper wanted to write about Einstein`s theory e=mc2

With his creativity he developed the story` The Orphan Sock Enigma` which became phenomenal.

Innovative ideas of essays:

Some of the interesting topics on which the students mould their essays are really unassuming. We wonder how a teenager can think innovatively and explain in an interesting narrative.

Questions can be on your role model or your interests and goals.

If I were interested in games like Chess, I may present 16yrs old Prggnanandaa as my role model who defeated Carlson, a legend. I can explain how he inspired me.

If I take a successful individual who became successful after coming back from the U.S. as my role model, I may write about our Railway minister, Ashwini Vaishnav. He is an IITian from IIT Kharagpur, IAS and MBA from Wharton Business School, Pennsylvania. He introduced an anti-collision device named Kavach to avoid Railway accidents inspiring many youngsters to think differently to solve problems in the country.

If I am fascinated by pure sciences, I may look at Prof.Deepak Dhar who has been awarded the prestigious Boltzmann Medal for the year 2022 He became the first Indian to win this award and shared the award with American scientist John Hopfield,from Princeton University for his contributions to Statistical Physics. He is alum of IIT, Kanpur and did PhD from Caltech.

`Why us? `Is another favourite question of many universities.

For such a question student is expected to connect with the campus, its significance, faculty and curriculum particulars. The student is expected to read thoroughly about the college in the website and understand all the significant aspects. Thus choosing a topic is important in developing an essay.

Tips to write a good Essay:

  • Should be authentic
  • Grammatically correct
  • Include interesting anecdotes
  • Be clear why the field is chosen
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