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Resource Shelf at Library, USA ED

Posted on May 10, 2019
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US Education

Library at USA ED center, Y Axis Foundation US Education Advisory Centre is a treat to your eyes and feast to your brains! Segregated resources at the library shelves satisfy your needs and materialize your goals.

Today when my hands lay on “The College Application Essay” by Sarah Myers Mc Ginty(College Board) I couldn’t keep the book down. There are countless strategies for presenting an essay in undergraduate college applications! I understood a simple fact that US universities analyze your ability to interpret, analyze and express yourself clearly, correctly and vividly but they never expect you to be Albert Einsteins. The universities want your story and the story should be presented with a personal approach but not with an “acceptability quotient”. The essay should not be an explanation of grades or your background. Simply, the essay should be you, in your own words.

College essay is not something new. It should have a beginning, middle and an end. Essays do not conform to a specific pattern as sonnets or lab reports. In fact, as Ted O’ Neill, former dean of admission at the University of Chicago says, “We don’t want them all to be read in the same way. A collection of identical people would make a very boring college”

This wonderful book gives tips to climb the steps to reach the pedestal. Every step is clearly structured and it helps you to build your essay.

One has to remember that colleges are interested in your mind more than your biography. What happened to you doesn’t matter much, what matters is what you have thought about what has happened to you. Similarly for a supplementary question, “Why us?” you must stress on the academic style & the programs of the college. Other factors like location, teams, and housing options come last.

In brief, if an essay on “How you are fascinated by Avengers” is asked, a college doesn’t want to know how a movie is made on the fictional team of superheroes of Marvel’s Comics but the college wants to know how you are enthralled when the iconic heroes fighting for truth & justice on the screen!

– P Usha Sri

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