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New Trends and Skills for Ph.D. students

Posted on June 28, 2022
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New trends & skills for Ph.D. students

Students’ way of thinking is transforming. Research scholars going to world-renowned universities in the U. S. aspire big and dream of achieving great things. When aspirations are big the efforts should be prolific.

There are some special skills the doctoral students must keep in mind:

  • Initial Steps: Simple wobbling baby steps will not take one to the top of Everest. One needs to be patient and learn a lot before taking the first step. Reading journals, listening to the lectures of eminent personalities in the field, and preparing for course modules are the initial steps for research scholars.
  • Ahead of Time: Any student of any field must think ahead of time. Think of the future problems of the community.e.g.Pharma, Biochemistry, and Biotech Medical students started thinking in the direction of finding solutions to Covid like pandemics
  • Time Management: If the student fails to find a solution within the time frame it’s of no use. When the whole world is waiting for 5G, the researchers must refine or rebuild and see that every individual in the world can use it. So, time management is essential.
  • Future Goals: Research scholars must be clear whether they want to enter academia or a corporate field. Whatever the future goals may be, they must concentrate on contemporary problems or can visualize the future scenario. When Drones were introduced in the Defense field, people didn’t expect that drones one day would revolutionize Precision agriculture.
  • Collaborative effort: Collaborative work is the present-day desirable trend.No research scholar can complete a Ph.D. independently without collaborating with other scholars in other departments. e.g.Biotech field can collaborate with AI and think in terms of Biomining.
  • Data analysis: Analytical skills are required for writing the synopsis or the thesis. When every scholar collects a huge amount of data, he should have a clear idea about basic coding and statistics to analyze it.
  • No Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a big no in Ph.D.- Either self or borrowed documents cannot be used without referring to the sources. Whatever a research scholar presents, it should be authentic and original. That’s why always remember that creativity and problem-solving nature are the fundamentals of research.
  • Solve problems: Don’t work for a qualification but do research for a purpose. The Ph.D. degree is not for fetching a job but it`s for acquiring a skill to solve a problem.
  • Learn utilizing opportunities: In the U.S. the cutting-edge technology and resources will allow students to fulfill their ambitions to achieve their goals. World-renowned faculty will guide the students. Those who want to do research and show the world solutions for the existing problems must understand how to utilize the opportunity. They must build their profile right from the UG level to reach their destinations.
  • Be ambitious: Research scholars should be ambitious. Only the thirst for knowledge will make one a good research scholar. One should not run after awards and rewards. They come to you if you can achieve something remarkable.
  • Have a role model: Every research scholar will have a role model in mind. A role model is like a constant reminder that one should not give up but strive hard to reach the goal. Everybody can’t get Oscars or Nobels but remember that every drop in the ocean can contribute to a great cause.

Burning desire: Abhijeet Banerjee and Manjul Bhargav like gems are stars in their respective fields. No doubt! But every research scholar should get inspired by the achievements of such people and keep the fire of learning and exploring new horizons burning!

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