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How are the U.S. Universities planning and structuring online classes?

Posted on July 4, 2020
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How Universities are planning and structuring online classes in the U.S.

As the pandemic accelerates,colleges have shifted into emergency mode, shutting down campuses in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Colleges are moving academic life to online. Education experts want these online classes this year to be structured. These classes will be conducted till the students are able to get the campus exposure again.  Concrete planning and nomenclature are being designed for the alternative method of education by the U.S. education system. 

For students, whether they are incoming freshmen, already enrolled seniors or returning as master’s students, here is an overview of what to know about and expect from online classes: 

  • How an online classroom is typically structured?
  • Do students need to attend classes at specific times?
  • Do online classes have in-person components?
  • How do students interact in an online course?
  • What is the typical workload for an online course?
  • How many weeks do online classes run?
  • What are typical assignments in online classes?
  • How do students take proctored exams in online classes?
  • What should students know before enrolling in an online course?
  • Are there ways to accelerate online degree completion?

How an online classroom is typically structured? 

Virtual portal will be given to each student to access learning management system (LMS), They will get a log in ID and password. In virtual portal they can view the syllabus and grades; contact professors, classmates and support services; access course materials; and monitor their progress on lessons. They will need a strong internet connection and any?required software, such as a word processor. They would also need device like laptop to study. From mobile phone it may be bit clumsy to follow the process. 

Do students need to attend classes at specific times? 

The format will offer flexibilities to the students. They can take it up as self-paced model. However, weekly assignments target will be there. 

Do online classes have in-person components? 

There will be video conferencing and in person tutoring by the teachers. Students may have complete team-building activities, networking with peers and attend informational sessions.  

How do students interact in an online course? 

Online students can interact effectively with their peer group and professor through virtual medium. However, they need to get introduced with each other and develop strong relationship. One must be more proactive and vocal. 

What is the typical workload for an online course? 

Just like traditional classes online classes will have equal workload. Students can’t expect the course to be easier just because it is online. There will be interactive sessions with the teachers and also assignments. 

How many weeks do online classes run? 

While some online degree programs follow the traditional semester-based schedule, others?may divide the year into smaller terms, and graduation credit requirements may vary. However, this is a temporary phase. Students will eventually get back to their normal campus life in a few months.  

What are typical assignments in online classes? 

Online teaching will have assignments like research based virtual group assignments. Online course assignments depend largely on the discipline. But in general, students should expect assignments similar to those in on-ground programs.  

How do students take proctored exams in online classes? 

Students will have to take virtually monitored online examinations. In this system, a proctor watches via webcam or where computer software detects cheating by checking test-takers’ screens. With more online sessions in fall 2020, universities expect a growth in online exam proctoring method. 

What should students know before enrolling in an online course? 

Students should be in touch with the admission office for registration to the online classes. They should also understand the pros and cons of dropping the classes. Eventually when the universities get back to campus life, the students who didn’t attend the classes that happened online, or the assignments and credit given to online classes may miss the opportunities and credits for those subjects. 

Is there any way to accelerate online degree completion? 

Students may complete their familiar subjects or the topics on which they have expertise much quicker in this online teaching model. They can take online exam and finish the assignments in the subject which they are proficient and earn credit. 

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