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  • Interdisciplinary courses- charm of U.S. Education
    Interdisciplinary courses- charm of U.S. Education

    Indian students started exploring new arenas. Students study future skills and plan their course accordingly.  Some of them try to deviate from the field of their Undergrad and aim at entering a new field at Masters level. Students who plan in those lines must keep in mind that interdisciplinary courses will take them to new… Read More »

    Aug 17, 2022
  • Climate Resilient campuses- requirement in selecting the college copy
    Climate Resilient campuses requirement in selecting the college

    Sustainable Development Goal 13 of UN aims to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact”  This goal became the basic principle for looking at Campuses from a different perspective. Culturally significant buildings that have a long history. This decaying infrastructure needs stability that may be affected due to extreme climatic conditions. In… Read More »

    Jun 17, 2022
  • Key Differences: MBA vs M.S. in Engineering Management

    MBA Engineering Management General business curriculum No engineering background required MS Engineering Management Engineering curriculum with focus on Management STEM background preferred Specifically meant for growth in engineering-related roles Focus on Business with MBA in Engineering Management: An M.S. in Engineering Management Prepares STEM Leaders A Master of Business Administration is appropriate for those interested… Read More »

    May 9, 2020