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Microsoft – LinkedIn free online learning to enhance your skill sets

Posted on July 18, 2020
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Microsoft LInkedln online courses

Covid -19 has promoted  a  leap in digitalization. Education, work, and learning have shifted to a new mode of operations. Digital platform is the key to success in today’s situation.

Microsoft LinkedIn has come up with new online courses which are free of cost and can help to enhance professional and personal profile. It`s a creative idea of Satya Nadella and a gift to many unemployed all over the world. He always encourages `Growth Mindset. `

LinkedIn Learning, has more than 13,000 courses, covering just about every professional skill – from Microsoft Excel to data science to Photoshop to executive leadership.

Most of those courses are available with a subscription (although parts of all the courses are always free).

This creates an opportunity for a person to upgrade and enhance skills. In the Study from home module all of us have  time as we are saving on travel and commute time. We can utilize the extra time to earn more knowledge, skills and improve our profile. We can make ourselves more employable by constantly adding these skill sets to our resume.

LinkedIn Learning is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

Some of the excellent free courses available on LinkedIn online platform are:

  1. Leadership course – Managing Compassionately – This course will focus on how to turn the past experience in to valuable lessons that can influence the way one approaches the business that can be fruitful in today’s scenario. It also includes what is effective and ineffective management style and how the gradual awareness coupled with a desire for improvement. Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn will share his experience regarding the topic
  2. Entrepreneurship – In this interview-style course, author, entrepreneur, evangelist and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki discusses a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship. He shows how to focus your pitch and develop prototypes, predict new markets and capitalize on social media.
  3. How to get noticed by the Recruiter and making Recruiter come to you – How will a recruiter notice you? How to frame a good resume? This course helps the job seekers to understand the modern job search method and make the most of recruiters, and how to stand out with one’s profile. Specifically how to use recruiters in the LinkedIn marketplace, how to understand the role of the resume and cover letters in the job search process. J.T. O’Donnell, a LinkedIn Influencer and Job expert gives orientation on this topic
  4. How to form a dream Team –Why some teams excel and some fail to success? In this course, award-winning entrepreneur and journalist Shane Snow reveals the secrets of dream teams. How to cultivate unity, collaborative and productive culture among the team is the key focus of the course.
  5. Communicating with ConfidenceLeadership and management courses, Body Language for Leaders – Focus to build the confidence and leadership skills. Some of the important topics are how to incorporate effective communication system, what the hindrances are and how to overcome your challenges related to successful communication.
  6. Programming languages – LinkedIn online learning platform helps to learn top programming languages like Java, Python, and C#.
  7. Design Thinking –Learn the processes of design thinking and how to apply them to better understand users and to promote solution-based problem-solving and innovation. The course can be done in a subsidized cost.
  8. Data Analysis – Learn the latest quantitative and qualitative data analysis skills for effective business decision-making and exploring the necessary tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, SQL, Python, R, and more through LinkedIn online learning pal. The course fee is very less.
  9. Spread sheet – Learn the most in-demand skills in business intelligence and data organization, management, and analysis using spread sheets. Master functions such as pivot tables, charts, lookup tables, and power query. The course can be done in a subsidized cost.
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