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MBA STEM vs NON-STEM – U.S. Higher Education-Know the difference and plan accordingly

Posted on May 9, 2020
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MBA stem vs non stem MBA

MBA program leads to mastery in business, it teaches how to manage a business. MBA gives a professional degree, creates managers, innovators or leaders in a particular stream. In the  US, MBA can be categorized into STEM and NON-STEM MBA.

STEM MBA programs are designed to build not only your business skills but also your technical skills. STEM MBA programs are quickly becoming popular among international students from technology background.

Both STEM and Non STEM MBA degree enables a person to develop managerial skills with a specialization in particular category like Finance, Supply chain, Sales, Marketing, Analytics etc. However, there is a fine line of difference between the both.


STEM MBA programs are designed to build not only your business skills but also your technical skills The Non-STEM MBA focuses on building  business skills and managerial skills only.
Business skills with an emphasis on STEM applications i.e. Technology, Science Mathematics Engineering Curriculum Focus on business scenarios, sales marketing strategies, organizational management policies. The curriculum is structured to enhance negotiations skills, PR and networking.
Program widely included in STEM MBA category Business Analytics, Management in Information Systems, Accounting with Statistics and Mathematics, Financial Management and Investment Banking, Digital Marketing strategies, specialization in Operations and Technology Management and Supply Chain Management Program widely included in NON-STEM MBA, Hospitality and Facility Management, Human resource management, Sales and Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, Hotel Management etc.
The trend is that organization needs resources with business as well as analytics acumen. Therefore, students who are capable of making business decisions by the usage of technology and analysis of data are more employable and are in demand In few sectors negotiation skills and sales customer care knowledge, customer concern and grievances handling are also a key role.
OPT period is 36 months like any other STEM program OPT is 12 months like any other non-STEM program
Generally, students from Science Technology background opt for this program Generally, students from Humanities or non-science background opt for this program

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