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What is a letter of recommendation? How is it important for University / College admission in the USA higher education?

Posted on April 11, 2020
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What is a letter of recommendation

Recommendation Letter is an endorsement of the applicants that is written to bolster chances for their admission. Recommendation letters are brief, formal statements that should highlight positive qualities and explain why the candidate will be successful in that particular stream of studies.

Recommendation letters are an important part of the application. LOR communicates a lot of revealing information about the students to admissions officers, who are looking for students with impressive academic, personal, and social skills, and the students who will succeed in college and beyond. LORs are the authentic way for the admission officers to search for  credible, legitimate and potential students.

Letters of recommendation helps to enhance the applicant’s profile. They provide insight into what you are like as a student and person from the perspective of someone who has worked closely with you during your academic career.

How is Letter of Recommendation different from Character or Conduct letters?

A letter of recommendation for a college or university is basically a document that includes information demonstrating the candidate’s aptitude for admissions into a particular learning institution. Generally, students will ask a teacher, counsellor, or other educational representatives to complete this type of recommendation letter. It’s not a general character certificate or conduct letter. It should be written as per the student’s potential, performance, skills and knowledge in the particular academic field in which he has studied earlier. Therefore, it will vary and will be different in case of each student.

Letter of Recommendation should be student centric. It should highlight a student’s participation, performance, calibre, knowledge base in both academic and non-academic fields. It’s a recommendation about the students personal, professional and academic profile given by the past faculty members under whom the student has studied.

The Letter of Recommendation should include the following:

  1. Teacher/ Faculty’s experience with the Applicant (Student) : Teachers’ experience with the applicant is one of the most important aspects of the letter of recommendation he writes for the student. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that the individuals who read the letter are looking for tangible evidence that demonstrates the student’s character, proclivities, and general attitude when working with others. The experience given by the teacher about the student gives a clear and holistic understanding of what type of person the student is.
  2. The Student’s Potential : In addition to discussing the personal experiences with the student, it is important that teacher also provides a clear, detailed information regarding the student’s potential to succeed at the learning institution they plan to attend. Discussing this matter will necessitate to reflect upon things such as the student’s academic performance as well as his or her general disposition towards the scholarly world.
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