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Remote learning- Need of the hour

Posted on April 22, 2020
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Remote learning

What is remote learning?

Remote learning refers to virtual instruction and no physical presence in the classroom is required. Information is transmitted through technology.

How is it structured?

This varies from university to university. There are two types of program structures:


Students work mostly at their own pace but may have to meet weekly deadlines, students log into an e-learning environment.

  • When convenient, students can download documents and participate in discussion boards throughout the week.
  • In some cases, students may need to record or watch presentations, but can do this offline also.


  • Here students are participating in class in real time i.e., relying more on videoconferencing and chat.
  • Students need to install a video delivery program software which is suggested by the university.
  • Students may also need a webcam, microphone, audio recording software and video capture software.

Typical workload?

  • Just like in any traditional classes, this varies – but don’t expect the course to be easier just because it is online.
  • Typically, students will spend 15 to 20 hours a week on coursework.

Exams and Assignment pattern:

Students should expect assignments that are similar to those in on-ground programs, such as research papers and online-specific assignments.

 Exams can be conducted in 3 different forms such as,

  • Proctored exams in person : Students who live near the campus have to attend the school at specific times and give the exam.
  • Online exams that are monitored by humans : Students will be watched by a human through a webcam or some special software by the university officials.
  • Online exams that are monitored by computers : The software monitors what’s happening on the screen, on the webcam and through the microphone, everything will be recorded here.

 Hardware, software and internet

  • Some schools provide specific hardware and software requirements
  • Students can download the university’s common software.
  • Strong internet connection is required.
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