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Mistakes to be avoided while doing online courses

Posted on April 23, 2020
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Mistakes to be avoided while doing online courses

Beware of the mistakes you may make while taking online courses:

All the students who are aspiring and getting ready to take the courses online from respective universities should ensure the following before enrolling.

Ignoring accreditation:

  • Before enrolling into any online course make sure the student checks the accreditation of the program.
  • Whether the program is recognized by the respective program’s accrediting body.

Not reviewing the curriculum:

Student should check the

  • Program requirement
  • Course description
  • Specialisation options
  • Possible career fields
  • Syllabus

Underrating the difficulty:

  • Online courses are not easy
  • Thoughtful time management and discipline is required

Neglecting the technical specifications:

  • Student should meet the recommended requirement not the minimum standards as it can hinder their overall online experience
  • Hardware requirement: 250 gigabyte hard drive, headsets, webcam and internet
  • Software requirement: varies from institute to institute

Not researching the instructor:

  • Students should verify whether the professor taught an online course earlier or not
  • Student should connect with the faculty prior enrolling

Cheating on assignments:

  • Cheating is difficult in online classrooms due to the number of tools faculty use to check academic dishonesty.

Ignoring the red flags:

Few signs to tell whether the online programs are not legitimate are:

  • There is no proof of student administration
  • Address seems to be weird
  • Earning the degree seems to be easy and fast
  • Pressure of enrolling into the classes
  • Program requires huge amount of money upfront

Working in an air bubble:

  • Though students don’t sit physically along with their classmates, a lot of interaction with the other students can be expected.
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