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Importance of social media for studying in the U.S

Posted on May 11, 2020
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Importance of social media for studying in the US

Why are social media handles important for students aspiring to go to U.S.?

  • Social media helps to create a digital profile/ portfolio for the students.
  • It is important to declare all social media handles in your DS 160 Form for F1 Visa Application. There is an option and space to declare the same in such application forms
  • University admission officers look at the prospective students’ social media handles to link the profile that has been depicted in the application.
  • Linking social media can be good way to showcase certain skills or add more information about self.
  • Social media handles are a platform to portray or demonstrate a person’s interests like culinary skills, gardening, values like importance to punctuality, integrity, extracurricular activities like painting, music or non-cognitive skills like leadership, time management, etc. Social media handles can showcase individual attributes beyond what can be described in the resume or statement of purpose.
  • Prospective students should also follow colleges on social media to get a glimpse of campus life.
  • Get connected with alumni/ alumnae through social media.
  • Strategize and build profile in social media.
  • Presence in digital platform like LinkedIn helps to reach out to more people and get employment opportunities.
  • Your talents can be showcased and reach to a larger audience through a YouTube video or FB post.
  • Digital platform is the growing sector. Be it entertainment, news, education or business everyone has a digital presence.
  • Students can reach out to like-minded peer group through social media.
  • Social media helps to develop knowledge, it makes people more liberal, helps to be tolerant towards diversity and different customs.
  • It helps the students to learn about the world views and exchange ideas.

Dos & Don’ts for the students on social media handles

  • Don’t incorporate objectionable comments on any race, culture, community, sex etc.
  • Always be apolitical in your social media profile
  • Show faith in diversity, integrity and do not spread hatred through your social media profile
  • Social media profile can serve as code of conduct for the students so keep it clean
  • Use social media for positive purpose be it highlighting your university or country
  • Handle your profile carefully and not casually
  • Never plagiarize or use fake information in your social media handles
  • Never brag unnecessarily on your social media platform
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