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Do you want to pursue a Ph.D. in Virology in the U.S?

Posted on April 23, 2020
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Do you want to pursue a Ph.D. in Virology in the U.S.

Firstly, what is Virology?

Virology is a branch of microbiology, deals with the study of viruses.

Virology is a study of a) virus, b) its agents, c) virus taxonomy and d) its potential to cause disease. It also includes virus cultivation and genetics.

First virus was discovered by a scientist named Dmitry Ivanovsky in early 1982.

Virology can be categorised into medical virology and research virology.

What do Virologists do?

The core duty of a virologist is to prepare, conduct and oversee the study of microorganisms.

Medical virologists are doctors and are mostly focused on the transmission and impact of viruses on the human body.

Research Virologists study microorganisms that often and frequently duplicate, manifesting in the quick spread of viruses.

 Skills required to become a Virologist are:

  • Aptitude for research
  • Knowledge of life sciences
  • Observation and analysis
  • Critical thinking and reasoning
  • Passion for the subject and research-oriented approach
  • Knowledge about medical software and equipment
  • Focus and ability to adapt to new technology and experimentation

Eligibility Criteria for PhD In Virology

Ph.D. in Virology requires the student to complete a Masters in Virology / Microbiology / Biotechnology / Biochemistry / Medicine / Immunology or related subjects with work experience on live projects.

Current hot areas of research in virology are:

  • Emerging viruses such as Ebola, SARS Coronavirus etc
  • Plant virology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Viral pathogenesis

Careers as a Virologists:

  • Academic research (conducting experiments and teaching)
  • Industrial Research (studies focused on the development of new drugs and vaccines)
  • Virologists will also investigate on disease outbreak for departments or Government research Organizations.
  • Pursue careers in communication, serving as science writers or reporters
  • Pursue careers in business, administration, or law, especially involving the pharmaceutical industry or patent law.

 Some of the top universities for Virology in the U.S. are:

  • Stanford University
  • MIT
  • Harvard University
  • Columbia
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